How Do You Choose a Recruitment Agency for Technical Jobs

Have you been looking for a job with no luck? It is quite normal to feel frustrated and under pressure when you are not able to find a decent job even after trying hard. The constant disappointment can bring you down and make you feel discouraged. However, it is important that you keep going. There may have been several reasons for not getting the job. More often than not, candidates fail to find a suitable job because they have the wrong approach. There are various ways of finding employment. However, Read more [...]

Interesting Ways to Hire a Good SEO Expert

For most of the online merchants, it’s an easy equation: the higher their site ranks in the search engines, the more visitors they can attract. Considering all these important formula, several e-tailers lose their sleep brooding over two pressing questions: One of which is how could you see the search engine presence and the other is how could you boost your ranking on as many search terms as it is possible. They know that just submitting their own websites to Yahoo and Google and then waiting Read more [...]

A Career as an SAP project Manager – Responsibilities and Requirements

The position of an SAP project manager is a significant one. Professionals holding such a high-ranking position perform crucial responsibilities. In fact, an SAP project manager plays a dual role in the execution of a project. The first role is that of an experienced SAP consultant and the second one is a project manager. It is worth mentioning that a professional is promoted to the position of an SAP project manager only after he or she has gained experience as an SAP consultant. Therefore, if you Read more [...]

Software Test Engineer – Emulating the work of Software Developer

Every successful software developer owes his or her success to an equally efficient software test engineer. Software test engineers are also called software testers. A software developer creates a software product and when the development reaches a certain stage, the professional hands over the product to the software tester to check its functionality. Testing is significant for the development of new IT programmes, electronic goods and automobiles. What a software test engineer do? Software testers Read more [...]