Keeping Grandma/pa Busy with Apps

The stereotype that older folks aren’t comfortable with digital technology is a rather unfair and harmful one. True, they were born before these devices actually reached the mass market, and it is also a given that older people are not as nimble with their minds and fingers as toddlers.  Still, many of these mobile devices (we’ll zero in on smartphones and tablets, Android and IOS operating systems considered) are senior friendly, intuitively designed, and thus make it easy to master. The touch Read more [...]

ELO Touchscreens, Acoustic Wave Technology and the Computers of the Future

  In Silicon Valley, it’s an accepted fact that the march of technology outstrips modern concepts of what technology ought to be able to do. It is, for example, the case that there are already bionic “people” in the world, whose artificial processes include fake circulatory systems; working mechanical organs; even silicate skin that can repair itself when torn. They’re not real, in the sense that they weren’t once humans who have now been made bionic – but working models of what Read more [...]