A Brief Job Description of Electrical Design Engineer

Electrical design engineers create designs and turn them into products. This is the primary responsibility of such professionals. A career as an electrical design engineer is appealing to creative-minded individuals. This career gives a higher pay package to the deserving professionals. Like other engineering fields, the field of electrical engineering also shows promising job growth.

If you have a strong creative instinct, this career is appropriate for utilising your talent. You can earn appreciation for what you are best at i.e. offering design concepts. Here are some advantages of working as an electrical design engineer.

  • Compared to engineers in other fields, compensation packages are higher for electrical design engineers.
  • You have the option to work in a number of industries like engineering and manufacturing sectors. You can find employment in a government sector as well.
  • There is less chance of getting bored as an electrical design engineer since you will get the opportunity to design and develop new products.
  • You may benefit from the good job prospects in the telecommunications industry as well as in the field of computer aided design.

Duties you have to perform

At the junior level, you will not be assigned any supervisory duties. Your main duty is to design, test and maintain electrical equipment. The types of equipment you will be working on will vary according to the industries you work in. For example, if you work as a power supply design engineer, you have to work on electric motors and radar systems used in power plants.

The daily duties that you have to perform as a junior electrical design engineer are

  • Performing technical drawings
  • Creating blueprints with the use of computer aided design software
  • Working closely with other professionals in a team to execute a project successfully

When you attain the position of a senior electrical design engineer, you will be required to

  • Communicate with clients directly
  • Supervise product manufacturing
  • Oversee the maintenance of electrical machinery
  • Devise manufacturing processes
  • Decide a project budget, deadline and other specifications

Educational requirements you have to fulfil

Although job growth for electrical design engineers shows potential, only qualified and competent candidates will receive the opportunity to work for large-scale companies. As a prospective electrical design engineer, you should keep this factor in mind. An excellent academic background is a must to get a placement in a multinational company. That is why securing good grades in high school and then, in university is essential.

While you may get an entry-level placement with a degree in electrical engineering, big firms prefer to recruit candidates holding advanced degrees. If you wish to work in R&D, a master’s degree and then, a doctoral degree are the eligibility criteria. Some employers of electrical design engineers accept specialisation in mechanical engineering.

Government agencies employ licensed electrical design engineers.

Skills you need to consider

Mathematical skills and proficiency in relevant scientific principles are necessary. Applying them correctly in practical situations is a significant job. An analytical mind and an ability to make prompt decisions make a successful electrical design engineer. Communication, team-working and organisational skills help to work in a team efficiently. Attention to details ensures that design specifications are accurate.

Salary you can expect

The annual average salary of an electrical design engineer is near about £58,000. The highest salary you can get is £88,000. A junior professional with a University grant’s degree may earn as much as £36,000. Chemical manufacturing, audio equipment manufacturing and civil engineering are some of the sectors that pay really well to the electrical design engineers.

Opportunities for your career growth

Attaining a higher position within a few years is possible if you maintain a good performance and upgrade yourself consistently. Hands-off experience through internship will help you to stand out.

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