A Career as an SAP project Manager – Responsibilities and Requirements

The position of an SAP project manager is a significant one. Professionals holding such a high-ranking position perform crucial responsibilities. In fact, an SAP project manager plays a dual role in the execution of a project. The first role is that of an experienced SAP consultant and the second one is a project manager. It is worth mentioning that a professional is promoted to the position of an SAP project manager only after he or she has gained experience as an SAP consultant. Therefore, if you wish to become an SAP project manager, you will be required to establish yourself as a skilled SAP consultant at first.


When you attain this crucial position, you have to ready to handle additional responsibilities. Regardless of the size and type of an SAP project, the following duties will fall under your job description:

  • Handling SAP projects within the set time and budget
  • Assisting the business unit in resource estimation, project costing, proposal
  • Fulfilling project feasibility targets
  • Ensuring proper billing to customers and collection of payments on time
  • Accomplishing project execution expectations
  • Establishing relationships with business units, partners and clients
  • Imparting knowledge and experience (gained while working on a project) to other members of the team
  • Monitoring risks in a project on a regular basis
  • Ensuring that the organisation provides their clients with value and satisfaction by utilising the SAP functionality and delivering the best services consistently
  • Exploring potential business opportunities with clients by coordinating with other departments of the company
  • Participating in professional services team discussions and contributing to the knowledge-sharing session and team-performance improvement.

Apart from these, you will also be required to play an important role in

  • Financial management
  • Schedule management
  • Resource management
  • Implementation management
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Client management

Now, you would like to find out what are the requirements you need to fulfil in order to apply for SAP project manager vacancies.

Educational requirements

SAP experts are required in every industry. A degree in a technical field such as Information Technology or computer science and specialisation in SAP technologies are the minimum requirements. Advanced degrees will boost your career chances.

A successful SAP project manager demonstrates strong professional and interpersonal skills. What are those skills? Take a look at the following to gain knowledge about them:

Professional skills

  • Good base of knowledge in SAP delivery methodologies
  • Well-versed in new SAP technologies and their application
  • Business awareness

Interpersonal skills

  • Communication skills to coordinate with staff
  • Team management skills to motivate team members to deliver superior performance
  • Leadership skills to direct the team and mentor the junior professionals
  • Client-management skills to deal with clients appropriately
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ability to plan efficiently
  • Capability to build and maintain professional relationships at all levels
  • Listening skills to understand the client’s requirements
  • Multi-tasking and organisational skills to work in a multi-project environment

If you are able to combine these professional and interpersonal skills, shaping a bright career as an SAP project manager will not be difficult for you.

Salary and job benefits

An SAP project manager earns up to £65,000 per annum. Such professionals receive bonuses based on the overall performance. Job benefits include health insurance, and vehicle allowance. Some companies provide their SAP project managers with pension.

Working conditions

Although the working hours constitute a standard 40-hour per week, SAP project managers may be required to work overtime at times to meet project deadlines. Physical and mental stamina will help you to handle work pressure and produce top-notch performance.

SAP is an extremely competitive field and you have to work hard to beat the competition.

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