Beautiful cities with great atmosphere

The cities resented below are not among the most popular destinations for travelers, but they are so beautiful and so picturesque that we decided to present them here, so that you as a tourist can visit them if you happen to be nearby. The article does not follow any order; the cities are just enumerated here.


Lucca in Italy

Well, all cities and small towns in Italy are beautiful, but Lucca is truly exceptional place. This is a medieval town in Tuscany, surrounded by walls, and featuring many churches and an impressive piazza that was once a coliseum. Being in Italy you should also visit the capital city – it offers many Rome apartments short stay.Both places are great to be explored on foot.


Gordes in France

This beautiful little town is favorite spot to many artists. It is set on one of the most impressive and picturesque hills of Provence and played a significant role for the French Resistance during the Second World War. Today, the town features lovely central square and tiny cobbled streets around, as well as a beautiful open market and a Norman castle.


Mijajima in Japan

This is a charming town near the sea, which has a lovely promenade offering such a close encounter with nature and animals. While here try to find the staircase to the Buddhist temple, placed at the food of Misen Mount.


Plockton in Scotland

This town is absolutely amazing and not just because of the palm trees that are so unusual for the Highlands. Placed near the Isle of Skye, the town features beautiful main street with gardens, a lot of flowers and beautiful green lawns.


Essaouira in Morocco

This town is quite unusual from the rest of Morocco. It comes in white, blue and gold colors and is renowned for its fresh air, typical for the coastal settlements. The town has an old market center, where one can find various souvenirs and gifts. It also has a fishing port with many open-air restaurants with delicious food. You know they say the food in Morocco is the tastiest on earth, right?


Mendocino in California in the United States

This lovely town is very peaceful and beautiful, featuring several nice hotels, a good option of restaurants and shops. It is best to be seen outside the main season.


Safed in Israel

The town has an impressive architecture, beautiful synagogues, tiny paths and arches, a citadel and Mamluk ruins. The place offers a mixture of nowadays culture with history.


Zhouzhuang in China

The little town features many canals and thus is often called the Orient Venice. The most romantic spot here is the Double Bridge where one can hire a gondolier and enjoy a ride along the canals. The architecture is amazing and so are the gardens of greenery.


Savannah in Georgia, in the United States

This marvelous old town in the American South now comes with nicely restored buildings and huge old oaks. The places to be checked here are many, so plan at least one day here. What’s more, if you have just a little more time to spend in USA, you should necessarily find b&b New York to walk around the city – it has a lot things to show you.


Taxco in Mexico

Placed to the south of the capital, the town of Taxco has marvelous piazzas and nice cobbled streets, and the church of Santa Prisca, featuring well-preserved architecture from 16th century. Travelers can find many souvenir shops here wherefrom they can buy silver.

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