Best Games for 2018

Those out of you, who are addicted to gaming, must be having one or more action games in your favorite games list, right? Well, from all type of games, action games have always been the most played. It does not matter that in which age group do you come, you are most likely to be addicted of action games. The action games always come with great sound effects, graphics and story play.


Oh! so you are already done with the action games that you have? Are you looking to play some new action games? Well, finding new action or any kind of games is the toughest task to do as there are many games to choose from. You might have done a deep research for amazing games, but might not have end with any result so far. Is this so? Anyway, those out of you who are looking for best action games for PC like kbcsony, must check out the list ahead.

Assassin’s Creed

You just need to play the game for once, then you will not have any doubt that why this game has acquired the no.1 spot in this list. This game is one of the best action games of all time. Of course, the perfect graphics, sound effects etc are the best features to be mentioned, but above of all, this game is based on an amazing story. When you start playing the game, you find yourself to be addicted in it. As story moves ahead, your excitement touches a new level.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It’s well-known to everyone that Call of Duty game has got a huge fan-following. Whenever there is any upcoming game in the queue, people wait for it with immense eagerness. The wreath for huge name of Call of Duty goes to the games likes Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. This first-shooter game is just amazing and no. of fans of the game tell us why this game deserve in this place.

Left 4 Dead series

Another big name in this list is Left 4 Dead series. This series has been very popular so far. Games of all age groups like the game. The amazing sound effects, graphics etc. have led the series to earn great reputation and awards, too.


All the games in the DOOM series have been very popular among the games. In fact, it is very hard to give the tag of ‘better’ to any one game out of the three. But, if look at the fan following and users’ views, the undoubtedly, DOOM 3 is the game that deserves place here.

Team Fortress 2

The powerful team in which every character has his/her own super powers. The characters are controlled by you. You need to step into the game by picking any one character out of 9. Each character has its own specialties, special weapons etc. Just pick the one that you like the most, and start war against your enemies.

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