Managing a Website Is a Full Time Job

Managing a website is a lot like managing a business. In fact, managing a website shares many of the same responsibilities as running a business; if your business has a website, then managing your website and your business at the same exact time can end up becoming even more than a full time job. There are just not enough hours in the day to get all of these tasks done. That is why most businesses have these assets that are called employees. Employees can help with some of the tasks that are involved, Read more [...]

Is your website mobile ready?

If you have a commercial website or are indeed considering launching a website as an element of your business strategy, make sure the website is mobile enabled. Recent figures reveal that some eighty percent of all Google searches are now made from a mobile device of one type or another. The figures are indicative of a trend which is gaining momentum, and a trend which owners of websites ignore at their peril.   Assorted Smartphones with internet connectivity Image attributed to Wikimedia Read more [...]