What Does Your Backup System Say About You?

Ever experienced getting a call dropped while in the middle of a conversation? Or perhaps becoming unreachable in times of emergency? If you’re in business, situations such as these can spell bad news, especially for your company’s reputation, client retention metrics, and last but not least, revenue statement. While we know full well, like the lines on the back of our hands, that technology is instrumental in the success of many of today’s businesses, there is no such thing as perfect technology. Read more [...]

Software Test Engineer – Emulating the work of Software Developer

Every successful software developer owes his or her success to an equally efficient software test engineer. Software test engineers are also called software testers. A software developer creates a software product and when the development reaches a certain stage, the professional hands over the product to the software tester to check its functionality. Testing is significant for the development of new IT programmes, electronic goods and automobiles. What a software test engineer do? Software testers Read more [...]