6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring IT Professionals

One important aspect of a company’s success is recruitment.  However, many recruiters are unaware of the pitfalls involved in the process. Included in this article are some common mistakes to avoid when recruiting potential employees   Effective employer-employee relationship can start with good IT recruitment communication. 1. Careless screening process One mistake is to believe that all the information within a résumé is true.  You need to validate the information and this Read more [...]

A Career as an SAP project Manager – Responsibilities and Requirements

The position of an SAP project manager is a significant one. Professionals holding such a high-ranking position perform crucial responsibilities. In fact, an SAP project manager plays a dual role in the execution of a project. The first role is that of an experienced SAP consultant and the second one is a project manager. It is worth mentioning that a professional is promoted to the position of an SAP project manager only after he or she has gained experience as an SAP consultant. Therefore, if you Read more [...]

Hire Reliable Manpower from Headhunting Agencies

Headhunting agencies are companies that work for other companies by providing them with a supply of expert manpower for their specific employment needs. Headhunting can be explained as a way to hunt for the skilled individuals needed by businesses, organisations, and even small companies. The Need for Headhunting Agencies The need for headhunting agencies is much more noticeable than it was decades ago. It is now a common activity for companies to simply get in touch with recruitment agencies Read more [...]