Technological Advancements Create Huge Demand for Design Engineers in Automotive Sector

Automotive is the combination of science and engineering field that is applied to improve and develop personal transportation. This automotive industry is diverse and is present worldwide. Intense competition exists between the vehicle producers and they come up with hundreds of new models each year. Engineers are passionate about automobiles as it offers the perfect balance of mechanical performance, beautiful designs and practical functions. Some of them join the automobile industries out of their passion.

The automotive industry, at present, is experiencing a Renaissance in terms of research and designs as they are facing a persistent pressure to change Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).The vehicle industries are continuously trying to provide greater varieties and improved services and meet the needs of safe emissions and reduced fuel consumption. These companies involve design engineers to conduct research and create engines that will meet the legislation and safety requirements.

In order to satisfy the current market trends, the design engineers are re-evaluating existing engine designs and are coming up with solutions like battery operated vehicles, electric hybrids and dedicated hybrids. There is also a continuous effort to improve ICE.

Researches that are showing effective results

Improvement in the design of combustion system enable better usage of fuel, enhanced performance, cleaner emissions from engines and decreased need for huge and expensive catalytic technologies. Another technology that is slowly gaining popularity is the design of dedicated, reduced engines for hybrid power trains. A debate still exists between the battery and traditional engine source. However, a design engineer can balance between these two sources depending on the configuration of power train and selection of power control strategy.

The vehicle may be operated only by battery, only the engine or a combination of both engine and battery. A design engineer can come up with the ideal configuration if they are aware of the driving needs of different people.

Future trends in automotive industries

Major manufacturers of car, bus, trucks and other automobiles believe that hybrids will be the leading powertrain configuration for coming years. Customers have to think more about their types of driving to select an appropriately configured engine. If the selection is proper, they can realise the benefits of an optimised engine.

Future powertrain will involve more sensors for better control system, improved power technology and various other devices. In order to design these sophisticated power trains and comply with emission laws, there is a rising demand for skilled design engineers in automotive industries.

Growing need for skilled design engineers

As the design engineers are required to conduct research, those having Ph.D. degree in mechanical, electronic and automobile engineering are favoured. Modern powertrain configuration and electronic control pave the way for these engineers to play vital roles in engine design and derive a solution that will offer higher efficiency and lower cost of operation. However, only degrees will not help to perform these crucial jobs.

Those who are in this automobile industry for many years and have adequate expertise in engine designing process can contribute exciting ideas to these research works. Moreover, these engineers have to be well aware of software designing. Most of the designs these days are prepared utilising CAD. The engineers who are involved with these researches must be prepared to use latest technologies and products in the manufacturing process. In order to know about the advanced technologies and researches in this field, engineers have to read various journals and attend conferences.

Many courses are designed for working professional engineers. These programmes will help engineers to expand their specialist skills and come-up with future engine solutions. It is not a usual office job, so, it is not a standard 9-5 job. Those who have the true passion for vehicle design will be interested in the latest automotive jobs in the UK.

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